Jun 302015
Wednesday 7.1.15

5 min abs included in warm up 1 min plank 1 min V ups 1 min flutter kicks 1 min bicycle 1min flutter kicks WOD: 8 min EMOM of each a. 2 HSC (Hang squat clean) b. 2 HSS (hang squat snatch) c. 2 Pull cleans (should be heavier than Power Clean 1RM, this is [...]

Jun 282015
Monday 6.29.15

5X1 min plank with warm up. 15 sec rest between Strength- Front squat Light weight or 40-50% of 1RM 3X10 Work on quick ascend out of squat and hip flexion, posterior chain involvement. WOD 100 DU (RX, RX attempts, power jumps are choices) 5 ring dips 10 Wall balls (20/14) Women aim for the same [...]