Apr 162014

1a) 4 x 6 Deadlift
1b) 4 x 6 Turkish Get Ups
1c) 4 x 6 Pull Ups
1d) 4 x 6 Ring Dips

Choose scaling or weight to make the efforts as hard as possible. This is not timed, just work. It should be hard and you should move quickly but not so much that you cannot complete the reps. Each set is a trip through all movements with a short rest in between each movement (30 sec) and a longer rest in between each set (2 min).

Apr 152014

Pendlay Row – 8 x 4 Keeping learning and practicing your Pendlay Row and see what you can handle for this rep scheme. Warm up thoroughly and find your working weight. Remember your points of performance and don’t go to fast. This is strength training not army training. then For time: 1 mat length handstand [...]

Apr 142014

Details at GymnasticsWOD Handstand practice – spend 15 minutes working on handstand walks, handstand push ups, handstand holds, etc. Identify your weakness and work on getting better at it. Attempt a PR at whatever you’re working on. Ring the bell if you get one. then For time (MAX effort): 500m row 25 squats 20 kettle [...]

Apr 132014

Break into two smaller groups and perform both movements. Stay together and move quickly so you can get all the work done. Switch as a group and complete the other movement together. 1. Pendlay Row – 7 x 3 – Starting week 2 of the muscle up/pull up/ring dip strength project. Add weight to your [...]

Apr 102014
Friday 4.11.14

Pendlay Row – 5 x 5 Spend 20 minutes working on/learning the “Pendlay” barbell row. Warm up and find a good working weight for the 5 x 5 rep scheme. If you did the set last week or earlier this week and kept good form, see if you can add another 5 lbs. then “Super [...]